Playing and learning

building blocksA learning journey …
From the moment your child begins their time here at nursery, we create their own online personal ‘learning journal’ which documents their learning, progress and achievements. We work with you and your child to identify learning goals and review journals with children so that they can recognise their own successes! Read more about¬†Learning Journals here.

We love books and stories at Tynecastle Nursery School! We encourage our children and families to make regular use of our library to help to develop the skills needed to be ready for school. View more information about how we work together with families to develop Literacy here.

We love number rhymes at Tynecastle Nursery School! We believe by working together we can help you and your child learn number rhymes that will improve their literacy and numeracy skills. View more information and download Number Rhymes here.

Outdoor Learning
We love learning outdoors at Tynecastle Nursery School! As well as learning from our own extensive garden and outdoor play area, we also use resources in our local area. Recent projects have seen staff and families become explorers – venturing out into the community to become more active and investigate new learning opportunities.